The Cantilevers

Contempt Of Torte

The Chives

Core Shaft

Chick Maggot

The Chumpz

Common Denominator

Crazy Glitch

Cowboy Heel

Casual Yet Polished

Chlorinated Gene Pool

C Ur Privates

Cuffed Pants (A Morrissey Cover Band)

Chop Chop

Ceiling Fantabuloso

The Coat Draggers

Cover Your Party<--1/1/06's Chosen Rookie Submission c/o Tim F.* :)

Captain Cook

Captain Dictionary

Celebrity Pimp Club

Celebrity Pregnancy

Chef Justice

Cheney's Gnarled Tongue

Clean Goatz

Cocktail Shakers

Consensual Fun

Consumption Falls

Continued Decadence

Countless Detainees

Covert Regime

Crossdresser Union

Clown Prince & The No Power Generation



Count De Monet


Chugie Bites Tommy


Cherry Ride

Caressing Cousins

Cahones Blancos

Camera Shylocks


Church Sucks

Cellular Phone Booh

Customer Serviced

Catholic Aerobics

Calling All Scars

Cylon Warriors

Cowboy Gil

The Cabaña Boys

Come On Already

Choppin' Broccoli


Cats Away

Cao Cao Puffz

Cleanup Aisle 4

Chemical Sensitivities

Chronic Fatigue

Corporate Homeboy

Chatting Proud

Cocktail Guides

Cyber Band

Can't See The Noise

Conspiring Disaster

Charismatic Debacle

Chore To Watch

Catalina Probe

Classic Dong

Cyber Flicker

Chrome Bullet

Chamber Made

Camel Tow

Custom Mirage

Consensual Fun

Coffee For Closers

Clinton's Oral History

Chino De La Renta

Corona Electric Co.

Countdown To Mayhem

Camp Counselors

Critical Component

Can't Buff Up

Chicken Shack

Cereal Rappers

Crema Filina

Cryan' Poor

Cradle Rockerz

Cheap And Ezekiel

Catching Kareem

Chubby Joints


Considered Fertile

The Clingy Men

Closer To Something

Clutch Hitter

Currently Embarassing

Completely Obnoxious

Cleanse My Palate

Couple's Working Relationship

Couple Of Primadonnaz

Code Of Noise

Cultural Impact

Cutting Room Floor

Cheap Ride

The Cubicals

Covered Volcano

A Clump Of Art

Chalky Taste

Crappy's Banquet Hall

Caboose Club

College Canz

Constant Piece Meal

Consolation Band

Crowning Woe

Conjuring Trick

Connoisseur In Degenerates

Confounded Horror


Crayon Garage

CD's Nutz

Carne Estrada

Cheese Cutters





And Many More To Come !


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