Dark Substance (We're Not Getting Racial - So Stop)

Didier Deroma

Dr. Groin

Diaper Butt *Chosen Rookie Submission By The Austin GS Dinner Crew

Dumb Tack

Devoid Of Talent

Don't Want Kids

The Death Rattlers

Deeper Level


Diddle Me This

The Dastardly Things

Decent Karma

Decent Plot

Deport Angelo

Details Suck

Digital Pitch Correction


Dubious Rhetoric

Dueling Ringos

The Disappointments

The Disruptors (Oui Never Listened In French Class)

Dr. Venkman


Drag Bingo

Don't Go There

Doo Doo Men

Drool Bucket

Dancing Indiscreet (Lionel Richie Tribute)

Dennis Lampshade

Done Deal

Dr. Kornbluth

Do Me Left

Double Stubble

Debutante's Balls

Dragging Rikki Lake

Dribble Glass Eye

Don Keyhole Tease

Dave's Fat

Danny and the Degenerates

Ditsy Chix

Definitely Onions

Duke Of New York

Dig Dat

Dr. Huckstable's Sweater

Defcon Two


Do Not Eat

Dyslexic Rabbi

Double Secret Probation

Duke & Duke

Dean Wormer

Dan Tanna


Dangerous Pillow

The D.I. L.F. s

Drunken Sorority Girls

Dillman's Grove

Double Fisters

The Distillers

Dorm Room Amateurs

Dipped Dry

Dr. Philabuster

Depressing Lovers

Doomed Love Story

Deep Espionage

Deadly Dull

Dark Material


Drilling Me Softly

Dr. Lingo

Double D's And The Extra Metal Supports

Down Time (LesbIan/Indigo Girls Cover/Men At Work Cover Band)

Dr. Who Fan Club

Drunk Punch


Drybax (Why Are You So Lazy??)


Dream Nurse

Double Intruder (Must Have Two Dueling Guitarists)


Decent Plot

The Decadence Continues

Desire To Explore

Don't Let Go

Dirk Diggler

Dentures Only

Drunk Tank

Double Wide Butt Cheeks

Department Of Erections

Dusty Saddlebags (A Country Band)


Damage Control

Double Decker Bust

A Oh Chongo

Disposable Friends

Distorted Politics

Digits Inside

Dive In Tomorrow

Dim Sum

Don't Laugh

Dirt Nap

Double Decaf

Dud Stuffin

Don't Move

Disabling Arms

Dig Me Out

Daddy's Little Girlz (Really Hot Slutty Lead Singer)

Dead Weight

Diseased Remnants Of Humanity

Diving Borscht

The Disclaimers

Deep Impact

Depression-Era Dance Marathon

Doo-Wop Singing Firemen

Deep Water

A Different Slant

Discriminating Travelers

Delicious Fred

Don't Bother

Don't Come Back

Dirtier Version

Dole It Out

Dramatic Fashion

Dull Color

Death Calling

Down With Whitey

Despicable Bigots

Discredited Slogans

The Dischargers

Defective Toncils




And Many More To Come !


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