Exclamatrocious Stravaganzestival

End Plugs

Elimination Chamber

Empty Lifestyle



Extra Pizzazz

Eye Miss Mike

Eight Tribes Of Boob

Environmentally Unsound

Entropy <--10/1/05's Chosen Rookie Submission c/o Jane D* :)

Erectoral College

Eighth Place Debut

Epstein's Mother

Elegant Rigatoni

End Around

Elastic Waste Band

Extra Coverage

Evangelical Deviled Eggs

Enchiladas For Breakfast

Eerie Red Slit

Edwina Cutwater

Everything Leather

Endless Mountain Girls

The Engine That Could

Sweet And Meaty

Epic Disillusionment

Empty Ambition

Escape The Fate


Executive Love Eggs

Extension Sheath

Exotic Fruit (Sniff Cover Band)

El Groucho

Exchanging Fluids

Erection Day

Erotic Set

Ez Pleaser

Erotic Thrillers

Expandable Pants

Elastic Waistline

Earhurtaphlees : The God Of Rock

Engaging In Variations

Ear Delicious

Eating Up The Asphalt

Extra Inseam

Edgey Folk Music

Evil Rights

Endorsed By Dad

End The Misery

Euro Hookers

Elfen Magik

Expect An Apology

Entering The Fort

Exploding Piece Of Schlock

Ex-And-Death Mess


Experimental Operation

The Egg Beaters

Extra Fare

Estranged From Reality

Entertaining & Sexy

Envy, Sedition, & Strife Trio

Eternal Damn Euros

Empty Dancecard Holders

Eroding Dreams

Evil Pants

Electric Rodney

Funk Muff'ers

Ernest Highway And The Idots

Eight Inch Ebony (The Greatest Funk Band Name- You Better Bring The Funk)




And Many More To Come !


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