Glass In The Ass

The Glam Fountains

The Goya Bayonets

The Guernica Of Everything Else

The Garnishes

The Gray Notes

Genital Conflict


Goat Yogurt *Chosen Rookie Submission By The Austin GS Dinner Crew

Grope Fest

Gaw D (Southern Rapper)

Gay Wannabees

Gear For Guards

Good Rubbish

Group Of Lobbyists

Grandma Rasputin

Gentile Breeze (The Finest In Christian Winds)

Gold Package

Gusty Windz (Pan Flute Soloist)

Grandma's Warts

Go Away Bob

Go To L

The Grief Givers

Granny Panty Origami

Gracefully Hung

Get Out Murray

Gentle Ben Wah

Giant Shalom

General Odor & The Nasal Academy

Gorgeous Magates

The Gimps

A Guy Walks Into A Bar

G-Haud (Arib Rapper like Eminem)

Golden Handcuffs

Got It Rough

Genghus Condominium

Gramps' Soiled Pantz

Groucho Skid Marx

Groin Injury

Get Highlander

G-Spot Afterglow

Genius Execution

Go Figure


Glorified Camaro

The Groppers

Glass Basketball

Groover Cleveland

Giga Power

Gene Wilder Pool

Grandma's Wedgie


Grandma's Buzzed

Going Berserk


Great Wall Of Vagina

Guest Speaker

Grand Paisano

Gelatinous Lover

Generous Lead

Going Away

Government Lube

Growl At The Neighbors

Gag Order

Get My Phyliss

Good Shower

Gee Nay Rick

Gum Rapper

Grow Some Hair

Going Down Swingin

Gutsy Player

Gruesome Duo

Gay Dance Off

Grand Asshats

Genre Of Fun

Getting A Whiff

Git A Delicatessen

Golf's 4 Homos

God Obedience

Guess My Weight

General Soreness

Gentle Swell

Grasping Principles

The Go-Getters

The Gimps

The Giddy Train

Good Bisexual




And Many More To Come !


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