Milli Vanilla**Chosen Rookie Submission By Lady Annie Of Arkansas

The Meat Sweats

Matadors Of Heartbreak

The Mapplethorpe Protests

Mistofeles' Oven

The Mephisto Waltzers

More Successes In Low-Cut Dresses

Mistletoe For Miscreants

The Mariscinos

Maryland Mansions

Mano E Guano* *Chosen Rookie Submission By Matt M. (Of M.A.C.)

Me Worry?* *Chosen Rookie Submission By Gerry G. (Occasionally From Taipei)

More Whine

More Work For Daddy

Massive Box (Opening Act) *Chosen Rookie Submission By Laura A. & Hubby

Missing Digits

McSlim McPickens (All Western McDonald's FryCooks)

Must Oui Fight

Map Of Hawaii

My Two Scents

Maximum Absorption


Mulch Of The Gods

Marginal At Best

Meat Cravers


Miniature Klansmen

Mister Poopy Pantz

Mix Vigorously

Momentum Of Lust

Morally Exempt

More Depth

Most Rabid Element

Mr. Washington & The Filibusters

Musky Glands

My Own Pleasure

Mom's Request

Moron Twins

My Kinda Retard


Methane Men (sequel to the the Burrito Brothers)

Mourning Would


Me Likee

Misguided Cow Fat

Mink Zeigler

Mildred's Operation

Mullet Overture

Mama Casserole

My Secret Squirrel

Mao's Pad


Master Po


My Brothers Johnson

Michigan Left-ists

Middle East Meets West

Magik Feets

Million Dollar Giveaway

Mister Ed's Breath

More For Less

Make Me Puke

Moody Jews


My Druthers

Mayor Goldie Wilson

Meet 'N Greet

Milady Killerz

Mercy Killersz

Mommy's Mullet

Mitch Kumstein

Meat Lips

Mixed Alcoholics

Middle Fing Girdle

Mental Leotardation

McBride Of Frakenstein

Molli Ringworm (A Molly Hatchet Cover Band)

Men Being Led

Mixed Bag

Moulin Huge

Minus The Boots

Mental Handcuffs

Magic Beads


Mr. Pink Softee

Magic Flesh

Man Size

Mega Blaster

Medievil Thang


Micro Mini Skirt Night

Midnight Teaser

Micro Tingler

Mambo Purple


Ms. Vixen

Mistress Of Hell

More Depth

Monica's Blown Internship

Minuscule Member

Marathon Endurance

Mole S Station

Meat My Potatos

Moron Tabernacle Choir

My Fingers Hurt

Magnum Size

Musically Challenged

Mr. Gropper

Moans Of Jupiter

Monthly Meeting

Meeting With Many

More Members


Men Who Gorge

Modified Talent

Me 'N Whooleo

Market Value

Math Test F Drug Test A+

Mullet's Gotta Go

Mediocre Free Agents

Major Shaft

Much-Requested Death

Marshal-Arts Torture

My Cynical Thinking

Mugging For Cameras

Most Whipped Men In America

Minority Ridden

Mrs. Lovelylever

The Mumblers

Mammoth Cans

More With Physics

Moral High-Brow

Mellower Yellower


Mac Daddy Time

Mari Cone Queso (Hispanic Village People)


More Firmer

The Metrosexuals

Mystery Of Lather

Mere Anarchy

Mere Chaos

The Meddlers

Monkey Fist

MicroSoft Shoe

The Marvelous Minorities

The Missing Sock




And Many More To Come !


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