Rusty Moonbeams

Rick Perry's Stupid

The Rhubarbs

The Red Herrings

The Radish Roses

Rickety * *Chosen Rookie Submission By Cruml E. :)

The Regulations

Redneck Lay Away

Rabies Infested

Ribbed Knit Bottom

Radio Mimes *Chosen Rookie Submission From Kent B. :)


Real Cats

Real 2 Reel

Ripped Skinny Dudes

Real-Looking Meat

Run From Congress

The Revampers

The Ribbon Cutters

Reformed Bratz

Relatable Characters

Rent Raisers

Republican Bloggers

Republican Erections

Rodney Queen

Recycle Dee MTees


Radical Leftovers

Rasta Fagioli

Rocks On Rocks

Roseanne Bar Tab

Royal Dipstix

Reality V.D.

Regulation Size


Retail Whore


Real International Appraisers

Rusty Scotch

Remarkable Manners

The Red Flags

Room Lord (Christian Rock)

Rub My Ducky

Relatable Characters

Rum Dummies

Return To Fender

Rookie Calroca

The Replenishers

The Right Rhythm

Rarely Dependent

Ramming The Headboard

Rummage In My Pants

Rigorous Retreads

Ridin Hogs

Right Is Wrong

Require Injection

Respond To Stimulants

Repeat The Test

Racer Front

Race Against The Sausages

Really Offensive

Ravaged By Critics

Ready Helen

Frankly Jayne

Rico Catpyss

Rag Tag Revolutionaries

Rediscover Mirrors

Raise Our Stumps

Rubbing Alcoholix

Reality Czech

Racial Strife Swapping




And Many More To Come !


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