Telemechus Junction

Two Mules For Sissy Spacek

Try These On** **Chosen Rookie Submission By Cruml E.

Terminal Hypochondriacs

Tweakin' The Meds *Chosen Rookie Submission By Laura A. & Hubby

Ten Town

Thick Feel

Task In Hand

Tight Weave

 Trust Me

Treefart Tom

Temporary Age Slump

Thimble Thoughts

Third World Dictators

This Skank

Tidy Bowl Men

Totally Free

Trailer Park Cousins

Troubled Females

Too Much Din Din

Thai Foon (The Pride Of Bangkok)

T.V. Dinnah

Toilet Seat Down

Tongue Lashing

Thahbestuv (Israeli band)

Treefart Tom

T.G.I. Guy Friday

Thom's In Jail

Thom Needs Bail


Think In Russian

Timber Me Shivers

Terrific Bass

Thong Sung Blew

Telekinetic Marketers

Tuna Salad Days

Thighs Have It

Terrell's Sharpie



Trust My Muscle

Toe Fu Fighting

Twelve Happy Jurors

True Liars

The Tempz (A New Member At Every Gig)

They Say Haynes

Toilet Treez


The Tri-Lams

Tension Two Detail

Transgender Fund

Transgender Youth

The Temperature Takers

Toez Of Terror

Trailer Hitched

Truly Bizarro Masterpiece

Twinkie Toes

Tibetan Skunks

Testicular Fortitude

Triple Ripple

Tongue Joy

Twin Torpedos

The Tinglers


Tattoo Lace

Temptress Teddy

Turbo Suction

Ties That Bind

The Tote Bags

Totally Free

Three Wishes

Trinity And The Holy 3

Two Beniquez

Trannies In Trailers

Two Much Ginger

Too Risque

Trigger Happy

Two Other Aspects

Thrust Alignment

Taint Ball

Tube Top Blond

Truly Diverse

Terrible Twos

Trampeled Ego's

Talented Staff

Tape Measure Shot

They Are Ugly

Test Audience

Totally Untethered

Turkey Time

Totally Grotesque

Thong In Your Heart

Top Of Your Lungs

This Fiasco

Tribal Elders

Two Village Hot Chicks

Thigh Patch

Tot Art

Taping A Kidney

Twin-City Hiawathans

That's Just John

Twist T. Thai (Asian Rapper)

Toxic Friendship

Top Notch

Twilight Sound

Threatening Gesture

Trembling Servents

Troubles Follow

Tight Rider

Thirty Virgins & An American Sinner

Thwarting Panties

Taxi Cabana

Time For Junior

Talented Law-Abiding Homos

Two Poc Scars (Two Rappers With Bad Acne)




And Many More To Come !


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